Every week a lot of interesting music-related reading crops up across the web. It’s tough to catch everything that flies by, so we wanted to provide a little net gathering some of the better pieces we read in the last seven days, running the gamut from a Rick Ross think piece to a brief history of instructional dance videos. A little something for everyone. Check out this week’s reading list below.

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“Rozay Is Rozay Is Rozay: The increasingly incredible reinvention of Rick Ross” by Alex Pappademas (Grantland)

Alex Pappademas runs down Rick Ross’ continued evolution since the revelation of his past as a corrections officer.

An excerpt from The Night of the Silver Sun by George Lewis Jr. (of Twin Shadow) (Elliot Aronow)

George Lewis Jr. (via Elliot Aronow) shares an excerpt of surreal novel The Night of the Silver Sun.

“Clash of the Titans: The Cure vs. Radiohead” by Kevin E.G. Perry (The Quietus)

Kevin Perry compares recent concerts by modern rock legends The Cure and Radiohead (with potentially surprising results).

“A Brief History of the Instructional Dance Song” by David Bailey (Noisey)

Very rare, very important run down of instructional dance songs, from the timeless hokey pokey to the Flynt Flossy’s unforgettable invention, the smang.

“Seven Must-Dos For the Modern Young Weed Rapper” by Phillip Mlynar (The Village Voice)

Are you a young weed smoking rapper? Then drop that peanut butter covered Oreo and read Phillip Mlynar’s list of must-dos for the young weed rapper in 2012. Immediately.

“Five Lollapalooza Trivia Facts” by Dan Solomon (MTV Hive)

Lollapalooza returns. Dan Solomon rounds up a few bits of trivia for those of you unable to make it to Chicago (or those of you who brought laptops in your festival survival kit).

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