Another cut from Chicago’s SAVEMONEY collective, courtesy of Brian Fresco (who appeared previously on Kami de Chukwu‘s ethereal “Red Rover”). Though sonically far removed from a more famous Chicagoan’s “Drive Slow,” Fresco’s take shares similar concerns, sporting a chorus that lays the song’s backbone bare:

“Silhouette, cigarette/ one sip, one cup, one puff and I’m off my cool/ Tryna peep where I’m at but you can’t cuz I’m in the air sittin on a cloud/ Done up done up, drive slow, then drift off”

Confidence (and lack there of), romance, narcotics—the lyrics in principle form a stew familiar to anyone who’s given a Drake record a spin in the last two years. The difference is a charm and honesty that creates greater emotional resonance than the usual self-serious attempts at personal and romantic exploration. Doing it all over smooth, bass-heavy production doesn’t hurt either. Check out “Drive Slow” below.

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