The Internet has been slightly abuzz over the past 24 hours with chatter surrounding the release of a trailer for Muse‘s forthcoming LP, The 2nd Law. As customary with any trailer, this one for the band’s sixth studio album is brief, yet unnecessarily over dramatic. Oh, and it ends with a dubstep sequence that will leave most with a “what the fuck was that?” taste in their mouths.

On the opposite side of the sound-spectrum we have The Killers‘ new album trailer for their upcoming release, Battle Born, which is slated to drop this fall. In it Brandon Flowers and crew partake in what we’ll assume to be a Las Vegas desert bonfire while intermittent shots of the band either gazing into the distance or partaking in horseplay fade on and off screen.

What’s the general consensus on these, more excited for one over the other? Is there even a point to these album trailers in the first place? Inquiring minds want to know…

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