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A cowboy in modern Los Angeles, Rose McGowan, RAC, and Penguin Prison. Swoop. We know RAC for the remixes, but “Hollywood” is the first original single with a little help from Penguin Prison, and it’s an instant favorite—one of those songs that feels like it’s been with you forever after one listen.

Beautifully shot in Los Angeles and directed by Ryan Reichenfeld, the video features André Allen Anjos (RAC) along with Chris Glover (Penguin Prison). If you pay close attention, you might even catch a cameo by Rose McGowan. The video tells the story of an 1850’s cowboy and his horse as they experience and explore modern day LA. The cowboy, completely out of his element, longs for something familiar and he might just find it in the end. The surreal storyline paired with Reichenfeld’s rich cinematography blend together to capture the essence of this track in a surprising way. Check it out and download “Hollywood featuring Penguin Prison” for free at

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