The ever benevolent and talented Questlove dropped off a free breakbeat with Okayplayer a couple days ago. Here’s the scoop:

We got a rare treat (hell, a unique treat–far as we know) of the kind which only Okayplayer is um, equipped to deliver. To wit, our benevolent afro-lord ?uestlove has decided to drop his first “free breakbeat” on his new Ludwig drums. ?uesto sheds a little light on the story behind this fit of generosity below but in short, if you are not a fan of huge drum sounds laid down in ?uesto’s signature DJ-ready, deep-pockets style–blame it on D’Angelo:

i made the decision to go full fledge back to my “roots.”

dec 25th 1979 i got my very first “real” drum set (Blue Vistalites like Bonzo from Zep)

then i went through a Tama phase (well…lol my parents were like “here”)

but all my professional career i was a Yamaha head. which bent over backwards for me.

but at the end of the day I’m a “breakbeat”-based drummer and i’ve never gotten better “grit” than i did with Ludwig.

actually on D’angelo’s “yes we’re still waiting” new album i played on a blue & cream vistalite just like when i was a kid. the sound was so raw i was like “i GOTTA go back.”

As you can hear below, “Ludwiggy” is funky. Which got us to thinking–a lot of you guys love music, but you also make it.

So, Pigeons and Planes wants you to take Questo’s drums and make something dope with them. Rap over them, sing over them, make a beat out of them, reverse them and sing some Gregorian chant over them–whatever you think is going to sound good.

The only stipulation: you have to work the words “pigeons” or “planes” (or both if you’re feeling ambitious) into your remix. The winner will get prime position as one of P&P’s featured posts. Submissions are due by Sunday, June 17th at 11:59 PM.

Send all submissions to (NOTE: if you send them to anyone else, they’ll be ignored).

Good luck!

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