FACT TV interviewed James Blake collaborator Trim, who spoke abou Blake and revealed some strange news: James Blake is working with Lil Wayne. With all the talk about Tunechi losing his edge, this might be a revitalizing move for him. Here’s what Trim had to say:

“At first I felt weirdly about it”, Trim explains. “I was like ‘wow, what’s this?’, because he’s got his own way of scrunching music up and playing it to you. It was strange to me at first. Then I listened back to it and got some good feedback back from it, like ‘You gotta do this, you gotta do more stuff with him, it’s mad music man, do it, man!’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, cool, I’ll do it’, and I spoke to him. He’s another one that works that works really hard and loves music – I spoke to him on the last show we did at Manchester. He did a show before me and I supported him before. We were just talking, and he’s really one track minded as well.

“He’s just come back from America, doing tunes with Lil Wayne and stuff. It was kind of strange our relationship and how it all came about, but I’m happy to know someone like him! He’s sick at what he does, definitely. Weird music, but I’m a weird person, so I’ll always like that kind of stuff.”

UPDATE: It seems as if Trim is a naughty liar. According to James Blake on Facebook:

Not sure where this came from, but I’ve not been working with Lil Wayne… However here’s a little bootleg I did a while ago, and my face quite creepily photoshopped onto his. Cheers

So Lil Wayne isn’t working with Blake, but if you’ve never heard the awesome rework of “A Mili” from Blake’s Harmonimix alias, do so via the link above.

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