Dance Music Post 31

Fade To Mind is a label that’s solidified its reputation as one of the top-tier American dance label, pairing consistency with experimentation for a short string of attention-grabbing releases. Their latest, Massacooramaan’s Dead Long Time EP, doesn’t prove to be an exception – it’s just as cool as the other releases from the crew so far. Labelmates Nguzunguzu dropped in for a free remix of the track that goes.

Massacooramaan – “Dead Long Time (Nguzunguzu Remix)”

S-Type first caught my attention with the rumbling “Bairns,” and I’ve been on the lookout for more ever since. “Sweet Vixen” doesn’t reach the same heights as the last S-Type track we heard, but it’s certainly enough to keep us hooked. Taking more cues from hip-hop than anything else, this one begs to be rapped on, without calling to mind a rapper right now who would really do it justice. Any suggestions are welcome, I’ll do my best to set up the connection.

S-Type – “Sweet Vixen”

There’s so much good music coming out right now and through the rest of the year that it’s easy to let certain albums slip through the cracks. Gold Panda has been slowly building up momentum towards the release of his sophomore full-length, letting the anticipation come quietly. This remix of Minotaur Shock is just another reminder that he’s still around and as good as ever.

Minotaur Shock – “Saundersfoot (Gold Panda Remix)”

This one grabs you with the darkly infectious bass line and just refuses to let go for the rest of the 6-minute runtime. It’s a brutalist house track, effectively repetitive and barely restrained to the genre norms. Jack the Hustler is a pairing of brothers from Finland and are relatively new to the electronic scene, although that’s clearly not holding them back all too much.

Jack The Hustler – “Joints & Steroids”

It’s been getting really hot these days, and while stuff like Poolside is really great to just lay out in the sweltering heat and just watch the world go by, this jittery cross between disco and electro from Rogue Vogue is just as good, just a little less lethargic. Maybe put it on when it’s time to sit up instead of laying down.

Brenmar is known for his off-kilter percussion, and that single characteristic is pushed to an extreme on this remix. I’m not up on David Beltran, but if he’s able to do this to a Brenmar track – most of which are close to untouchable from conception – than he’s certainly a name to be paying attention to.

Brenmar – “Taking It Down (David Beltran Remix)

LOL Boys are crazy. The American duo decided to take on Lil Wayne for a remix for reasons that will probably never be completely revealed or understood. The primary characteristic of their remix? Jazzy lounge pianos, a lot of open hi-hats. For the middle section it gets a little dark, and the combination of jazz keys and a pitched down vocal give rise to brief Tyler, The Creator comparisons, until the beat shifts again to become something entirely original, because who else comes up with this stuff?

Louis La Roche keeps churning out that good stuff. He’s hit the nu-disco lane hard, and just seems to keep getting better at it, consistently polishing these retro tendencies to the point of becoming a headlining figure in the relatively small scene. This euphoric, relaxed remix is only available to stream, but don’t let that keep you from enjoying the vibes.

Normally the last few tracks of the DMP end up being bangers for the partiers out there, but the funnest stuff in the summer ends up being disco, to the point where it becomes hard to listen to anything harder than tracks like these. They are, admittedly, soft. But so fun and appropriate you should still be able to appreciate them. This Little Boots remix is a delight, something of a guilty pleasure for the season.

Boiler Room is still the spot for internet electronic heads to get their fix, so whenever a truly great mix emerges on the internet, it’s never surprising when you hear it debuted at the underground venue. Disclosure (pictured), a remarkably young duo of brothers (second time that pairing has cropped up in this DMP), have been making waves all year between their dazzling production and one hell of an EP, as well as their intelligently put together mixes. This one is no different, and is getting heaps of praise. I’d take a listen if I were you, it’s worth your time.

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