Download ten tracks (and stream two more) of our favourite bits and pieces from the world of dance music this week, all collected in a handy zip for you pleasure and convenience. Lot of lush synth textures to immerse yourself in, as well as yo booty shaking basslines, trap bangers and everything in between.

Talking of lush textures, if you haven’t listened to the brilliant mix Madeuax did for us, DO SO NOW or be hated by your ears for eternity. With that said, enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to dance.

Download: DMP. 30 (.zip)


Alternating between the floaty atmospherics of pop duo Alpine’s vocals and a nasty house bassline served up by Maribou State, “Empire” is a killer combo, providing the big beat for the dance floor and the proper sounds for the come up and come down. It’s a perfectly patterned blend, rising and falling at moments that feel right, never boiling over, just keeping things simmering.

Alpines – “Empire (Maribou State Remix)”

Last week we highlighted Brodinski’s (pictured above at the wonderful Social Club in Paris) talents in making techno accessible to people who might not usually be fans, and this week he’s back at it again, with an interesting take on Danny Brown’s “Die Like A Rockstar”. This time we get the bizarre mix of techno and trap (tech-trap, trapno?), with a straight hip-hop breakdown braking up a sinister but pumping track. This is almost certainly better than you imagine… check it out now.

This one’s on a straight up club tip with heavy hitting bass and smooth, hands-in-the air inducing synthesizer work. Drim Liski are a production trio who’s sophomore EP is coming out soon, and this CacheFlow remix has got me wanting to check out the source material which apparently “describes vast intergalactic travel, distant astronomical events, and the universal connection to the human spirit.”          ¯\(°_o)/¯ 

Brim Liski – “Supermassive (CacheFlow Remix)”

Boy 8-Bit is such a don. “Baltic Pine” and “The Keep” are classic’s in my book, and now he’s taken on rising singer Jagga’s track and turned into a real foot stomper. The vocals are damn catchy anyway, and when you add in a stomping, bassy beat, good times are sure to ensue.

Jagga – “Love Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)”

Future garage vibes from an ex Metalheadz man. The Cetra EP (out soon) is the first non Drum and Bass release by Sinistarr, and explores a few different directions, including the shuffle of “Cetra”. It’s crisp, clean and minimal, with warm synth washes adding a bit of color to the grey urban landscape.

Sinistarr – “Cetra”

More trap shit? Always moar trap shit. The producer’s called UZ, he’s released a nine track “Trap Shit” series, and you can download number 6-9 HERE. “V8” has the most delightfully squiggly synth line, gun sounds, and those crisp polyrhythmic hi-hats that pull everything together so delightfully. This is more of a vibes track than a raving track, but have no doubt, it’s dope.

UZ – “Trap Shit V8”

There was something missing from Ellie Goulding’s cover of “High For This,” maybe a touch of world-weary dissatisfaction was missing from her pure voice, or MAYBE IT WAS MISSING A DRUM & BASS REMIX. Yeah, yeah actually, that is exactly what it was missing, as you can well hear in the track below. William Carney’s rework is nicely restrained, adding a bit of energy and a nice edge to Goulding’s cover.

Ellie Goulding – “High For This (William Carney Remix)”

Always reliable bass-lover Dubbel Dutch has decided to remix a Swedish pop group, and the results are disconcertingly awesome, and totally danceable. He comes in hard with a great synth line and crisp percussion, and then floating in from afar is the ghostly sound of a children’s choir, lending an air of creeping menace to the remix, which never really fully dissipates.

Blank – “Do This Thing (Dubbel Dutch Remix)”

Taking us on a tour through some of the better dance movements of the last few years, Dutch producer H-Sik‘s “oOo rD Eye” starts with a serious juke beat and dives into glitchy, atmospheric Hip-Hop, sounding something like Traxman and Prefuse 73 thrown into a blender at high speed. The converging influences work to create an exhilarating, skittering 5 minutes of dance symphony. Jam.

H-Sik – “oOo rD Eye”

Listening to a remix of one of your favourite tracks is always risky. Standards are higher and judgment is harsher, but Berliner Danny Scrilla passes the test with flying colours with this remix of Joker & Ginz’ gigantic “Purple City”. His refix is not quite as upbeat as the original, and feels slightly distant and unreachable, the aural equivalent of a mirage maybe. Anyhow, he’s going to release this as a free download when he hits 1000 followers on Soundcloud (at last count he’s around 950) so please, please, please go follow him cos I need this bad boy in my library. Danny Scrilla also has an EP out on Om Unit’s record label on July 16th and trust me, it’s a beast – so watch out for that.

Slowing things down a little is “Boo Sra” by production duo Funerals, which is the very essence of mellow beauty. It’s a slow, mind engulfing bit of future bass which you would do well to put on any “summer chill” playlists, and is described by the artist’s themselves as “a little Jam City, a little Jacques Greene”. You can’t really say fairer than that to be honest. “Boo Sra” appears on the duo’s Hypermotion B EP, which you can download here, courtesy of Mishka.

Funerals – “Boo Sra”

Keeping with the chilled vibes, fast rising Manchester based bass music producer Damu has let losse a previosuly vinl only remix of “Tricks”. He’s produced such a colourful track, with warm bubbling bass laying a bed over which flashes of uplifting melody flutter, like a thousand fireflies on a peaceful summers night. This one takes a bit of time to sink in, but boy oh boy is it worth it.

Lanterns On The Lake – “Tricks (Damu)”

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