When the current crop of innovative producers gets discussed, the name “Blue Sky Black Death” doesn’t seem to get tossed around as much as it should. With a catalogue full of moody, atmospheric bangers spread across stellar LPs like 2008’s Slow Burning Lights and 2011’s fittingly cinematic Noir, BSBD’s built a stylistic footprint that warrants keeping tabs on the group whenever they drop a project. If you’re into music they self-describe on Bandcamp as “glacial” and “gothic thuggery.”

Exalted, the duo’s third full length collaboration with Seattle emcee Nacho Picasso, typifies BSBD’s established style, matching cinematic soundscapes to Picasso’s deadpan rhymes.

Stand out tracks “Scooby Snacks”–a hypnotic, bass heavy composition that builds to full-bore John Carpenter-70s-horror-movie-music on the eerie chorus–and “Surf Nazis Must Die” display BSBD’s ability to create rich, dynamic beats that never overwhelm the rhymes riding over them.

It isn’t exactly sunny summer day music, but Exalted should definitely get a few spins on the tail end of dark summer nights.

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