It worked last week, so 10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now is here to stay. Or at least worthy of a Round 2. This week brought on some new introductions, unexpected collaborations, and a few new tracks that are must-haves for that summer playlist that every sun-loving music enthusiast should be building.

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Stubborn Heart – “Knuckledown”

Dance-floor indebted production, introspective lyrics, and seagull noises? It’s like, “FINALLY.”

XV – “Be There, Be Square” (Prod. Xaphoon Jones)

Xaphoon Jones has had a good week. We’ll see him again later in this feature, but for this one he put together a little something for XV’s latest track.

XV – “Be There, Be Square” (Prod. Xaphoon Jones)

Los Campesinos! – “Tiptoe Through The True Bits”

Los Campesinos! release a track – a song that one of the band members claims to be his favorite song – out of nowhere. A quiet start, a majestic end, and plenty of reason to get a little emo and hear Los Campesinos slow things down.

Los Campesinos! – “Tiptoe Through The True Bits”

Emma Louise – “Jungle” & “Boy”

Here’s 2-for-1 for you folks. We’ve got Emma Louise from Australia, who finds that delicate balance between heart-wrenchingly and charmingly sad.

Emma Louise – “Jungle”

Emma Louise – “Boy”

Catcall – “The World Is Ours”

During this season it’s hard not to label certain songs to be “songs of the summer,” but this one by Catcall certainly is with its peppy chant-along. Give it a go on your summer playlist.

Childish Gambino ft. Beck – “Silk Pillow”

Didn’t see this one coming, but this collabo with Beck has Beck back to rapping, and Pitchfork back to hating. Beck and Gambino produced this one together, and if contrast is your thing, this might be your favorite new track.

Childish Gambino ft. Beck – “Silk Pillow”

Big Boi & Theophilus London ft. Tre Luce – “She Said OK”

I mean, it’s no Brian McKnight, but it’s up there. If you’re looking to get nasty and smooth at the same time, this cut should do it.

Ellie Goulding – “High For This (The Weeknd Cover, Prod. Xaphoon Jones)”

Like we said, Xaphoon Jones has had a good week. Helping out Ellie Goulding with her cover of The Weeknd’s “High For This,” they re-imagine the sensual, moody track into something… well, even more sensual, with Goulding’s sexy-sweet voice replacing the desperation of Abel’s.

King Tuff – “Bad Thing”

Veering away from all that structure in your life can be a good thing. King Tuff introduces a little bit of gritty, seemingly inebriated straight-up rock with “Bad Thing.”

King Tuff – “Bad Thing”

Trails and Ways – “Nunca”

Even if you’re flat-out broke and don’t have a second to enjoy the sun, Trails and Waves come at you with “Nunca,” transporting you to a “hot June day in São Paulo.” Can’t hate on that kind of ambition.

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