It’s been a while since we last heard from the mournful Worship, they’ve taken their time to follow up on the one-two punch of “Collateral” and “House of Glass.” After over half a year out of the spotlight, the Reading trio been working on their first full-length and, from the sound of it, haven’t been changing up their brand of despairing, catchy, atmospheric rock. “Leviathan” continues the singular aesthetic of the band, pushing a near-oppressively dark collection of elements with brief, immediate respites; in this case the deceptively simple 4 piano notes that serve as an instrumental hook you won’t be able to get out of your head at the song’s close.

“Leviathian” comes ready with its visual accompaniment. It’s hard not to feel like the word “dark” just will not quit when describing Worship, and while it looks like (is) lazy writing, the fact is that they’ve committed to a powerfully gloomy vision that extends from the music to the videos. What tempers that darkness, in both cases, is the burst of colors they’re able to artfully inject to the pieces. In the case of this video, that’s a literal interpretation.

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