Waka Flocka Flame‘s Triple F Life is shaping up to be a hotly anticipated album. Regardless of how you feel about the man’s music, it’s hard to deny that he, with the formidable presence of Lex Luger behind him, changed the sound of rap with Flockaveli. With a statement like that as your debut album, the proper follow up is going to be a statement that people pay attention to. Apparently the album sounds pretty good, according to features from Spin (read it if you have the time) and Vice that both establish that Waka is a Really Nice Man.

You should get a pretty good idea of what “Let Dem Guns Blam” sounds like from its title. It’s Waka’s signature style, a little darker than the rambunctious energy that characterize his biggest hits, but still exactly what you’d expect from the Atlanta rapper.

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