Some of you might remember the video to M83‘s last song, “Midnight City“. The creepy, fluorescent-eyed children introduced to my unwilling consciousness have since inhabited most of my nightmares, and just as I had expelled them from my exhausted brain, the French electric rock duo have hammered them straight back in with aplomb. Those without an irrational fear of “special” children should be in for treat. This video is also directed by Fleur and Manu, and showcases some really impressive cinematography that meshes tenderly and beautifully with the distant but searching music. It’s about time too – this is the second video released from their 6th studio album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming after a torturous 8-month wait since the video of “Midnight City”.

Here lies an exciting new concept. It’s common for albums to tell a continuous story, and it is really interesting to see the songs’ videos follow a consistent narrative. I look forward to seeing the next video, but until then you definitely need to check the “Reunion” video out. 1080p and fullscreen if you know what’s good for you.

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