I was actually going to include this in the last Dance Music Post (big up yourself if you’ve checked it out already, and if you haven’t yet, now’s your chance) but felt that it deserved its own space in the blogosphere, and as I’ve listened to it again and again over the past few days I have fallen ever more in love with this diamond bright piece of ahead-of-its-time pop music.

The vocals are poignantly delivered, with an air of heartbroken resignation, and George FitzGerald (known as a purveyor of sensuous, deep house music) comes through with some quite simply beautiful production which strikes the perfect balance between atmosphere and beat. Listen and download below, and be sure to follow Py on Facebook because this track comes from a mixtape which will be available to download on May 21st, and you really don’t want to miss out.

Py – “Lungs (Prod. George Fitzgerald)”