Gold Panda is back, officially. The British producer released a new digital single today, the first official follow-up to his incredible debut album, Lucky Shiner. He’s been steadily churning out remixes and unofficial tracks for the past year or so, but many had leaned in a more experimental and minimalist direction, while these tracks and his recent Nightworks remix are something of a return to form for him.

He describes “Mountain” and its b-side, “Financial District,” as “modern hip-hop,” which is actually a pretty apt description. He’s always had a Dilla-esque approach to chopping samples, but took techniques from techno to turn the dusty, comforting samples he dug up into full on songs. Apparently he’s been taking cues from some of the younger producers in the game as well, calling the snares in “Mountain” a direct nod to Noah “40” Shebib and Boi-1da’s work with Drake. I guess we should add him to the list of people we want to see producing on Drake’s next album. Stream both tracks below, and pick up the 7″ release here.