This is one of those songs that slowly creeps up on your consciousness, slyly embedding itself in your head before taking charge of every possible moment of silence with it’s subtly catchy chorus. If you want to be absent mindedly humming “better, better, better” at every opportunity, listen to this song, and if you don’t, well, listen to the damn song anyway because it’s fantastic. “Something Better” is softly atmospheric, and wonderfully soothing: a masterpiece of restrained percussion and synth work which might first come across as background music, but grows in stature as the plays and replays increase.

Get People’s 4 track Harmonize EP is released July 2nd on Luv Luv Luv and you can stream the opening track below, which also has a trippy animated video which you can watch on YouTube here. Like what you hear? Then head to the band’s Soundcloud to hear “Macaw,” another track from the EP, and follow them on Facebook here.

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