El-P – Cancer for Cure

NYC legend El-P is back after a 5 year break with a clanking, monstrous, inventive masterpiece of underground hip-hop, and alongside Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music (which EL-P als produced) it is one of the best rap releases this year.

Cold Specks – I Predict A Grateful Expulsion

Cold Specks has dubbed her music “doom-soul” and it is a wonderfully apt description of this heartfelt, powerful, macabre, yet still beautiful album. But don’t just take our word for it – listen to the whole thing below.

Saint Etienne – Words and Music by Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne make synth based pop-music, and have been mastering their craft for years. This is their first full album since 2005, and while it could be dismissed as formulaic pop-music, they have found a formula that is ridiculously danceable and unabashedly enjoyable. This is an LP to have fun to, and sometimes that is all we should ask of our music.

The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap blew up big-time with their debut album Conditions, and where their debut was quirky and had gentle moments amongst the billowing choruses, this effort seems to lack some of the subtlety and originality that marked the band out from many others peddling the same slightly formulaic brand of stadium rock.

Teen Daze – All Of Us, Together

Teen Daze built his name at the crest of the chill wave. While he certainly incorporates the soothing synth pads and embryonic fuzz that characterizes the genre, he also flips in chopped vocals and breakbeats, conjuring a sound closely related to artists like Gold Panda and The Field, albeit somewhat more accessible. After two years turning out remixes and singles, Teen Daze is capitalizing on the buzz with his full-length debut.

Gossip – A Joyful Noise

The Gossip’s new album is indebted to 80’s power-pop, and as such has easily digestible choruses which provide a perfect platform for Beth Ditto’s powerful, full vocals. Not as punky or confrontational as previous albums, this effort is, as a whole, Gossip’s poppiest release to date.

Kimbra – Vows

After featuring on Gotye’s super-smash hit ”Somebody That I Used to Know” New Zealand based singer Kimbra’s debut album is released in America today. Those expecting more heartbreak and sadness might by surprised by Kimbra’s experimentation and maximalism, and while the album covers a lot of sonic ground,it is held together by her versatile, malleable voice.

Virals –  Coming Up With The Sun EP

If you like your rock fuzzy and sun-drenched then you should definitely check out this EP, which sees Shaun Hencher providing sugary sweet hooks to go alongside the punky, lo-fi guitars.