I make it a point to keep my mom up on new music. I send her songs I think she’ll like, force her to listen to new stuff I know she won’t like (she still isn’t convinced that Kanye is a genius), make her CDs to listen to in her car, and endlessly talk to her about music that I’m pretty sure she’s not interested in. She is a good mom. She listens. If left to her own devices, I always imagine that my mom would listen to nothing but Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Nelly’s Country Grammar. She loves Country Grammar and I will never understand why.

Every now and then, my mom surprises me. Just yesterday she sent me a text: “Heard a great Icelandic group, Of Monsters & Men. Listen to Little Talks and Lakehouse and let me know what you think.”

Since it’s Mother’s Day, it seems appropriate to share it. And it’s really cool, too. I’m a little ashamed that my mom is up on it before me—a little ashamed maybe, but mostly proud. Good call Mom. Love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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