The ILLZ is gearing up to drop his next project titled The Darkest Hour. This is a taste of what’s to come off of that project. And yea, it’s a delicious sample! BUT, if you guys want The Darkest Hour to see the light of day, The ILLZ is asking for a little help to put the project out. See how you can help here.

ILLZ paints vivid pictures of introspection, hopefulness and success. In a world of hustlers and everyone feeling the need to be on their grind 24/7, he sounds like a man that’s taking a moment to stop and smell the roses. It’s refreshing to listen to and a reminder that it’s always healthy to bask in success every once in a while whether that success is minor or life-changing. And ILLZ is just the guy to hit the right emotional pitches to drive that point home. – SS