A whole load of downloads for your greedy little ears and hard drives this week, ranging from Burial-esque 2-step to rave wrecking tropical bass sounds. As with every week, there have been a tonne of great mixes, so if you’re driving somewhere or need some musical company, download Bok Bok’s phantasmagorical Night Slugs mix here or Traxman’s poly-rhythymic juke masterclass here. And look out next Friday, because we’ve got a dope exclusive mix of our own for you!

Dance Music Post. 25 (.zip)

Ryan Bonfield, who mainly produces under the name of Artifact, has released an absolute beauty of a track, with production partner Zino, under the name of Portrait. “Can You Tell” is emotive, atmospheric 2-step full of gritty beauty and fractured vocal samples.

Portrait – “Can You Tell”

The beautiful, tenorion loving, Little Boots has recently broken radio silence with “Every Night I Say A Prayer” and she’s struck gold getting Tensnake on the remix. This is pure, blissful, hands in the air euphoria, pairing the originals ulifiting with dat funky bass.

Little Boots – “Every Night I Say A Prayer (Tensnake Remix)”

This is an interesting one. It starts off sounding like a regular techno track (if there is such a thing) but that groovy bass and vocal sample are nodding towards house, and the combination of industrial darkness and party bounce is a surprisingly successful one. Oh Bobby, what a Champ you are.

Bobby Champs – “Klopfgeist”

We’ve featured Slick Shoota and his juking production before in the DMP, and now the young Norweigan producer has been snaffled up for a release on Mad Decent sub-label The Jefrees, most likely because Diplo read about him on P&P yeah? It’s testament to the greatness of the internet (and Addison Groove) that the sounds of a tiny local scene can be disseminated and supported worldwide, in the matter of a few years. Download the full tape, and see its wonderful cover art, HERE.

Slick Shoota – “Rasta”

Slick Shoota – “Percussion Skank”

Ooof. Scuba imbues Yadi’s soaring vocals with some crazy breakbeat styles, and bassy delights, while leaving the beautiful piano in place. So much energy coming from this one – I’m raving so hard in my apartment that whoever lives below is hating life right now.

Yadi – “Guillotine (Scuba Remix)”

Do you remember that Xylos song that was super catchy, and highly summery? Well Kiely Rich has given it the progressive house treatment, so now it can fit into your DJ set as well as your mixtape. Isn’t that nice? First 100 downloads are free, so get cracking people.

If that Scuba remix didn’t get you dancing, and this doesn’t at least get your head nodding then you must be a corpse or something. Huoratron is on the same record label as Crystal Castles and Boys Noize, so expect noise, noise and more noise as “Bug Party” takes shit t the next level with a throbbing bass line, and sharp lasery synths that necessitate a strobe lighting accompaniment.

Huoratron – “Bug Party”

This one starts off on a chill retro tip, sounding a little Kavinsky-like, but suddenly BLAAMM, you’re in the middle of a chase scene in some futuristic world, and you’re going to be staying there until the song ends.

Minus & Fire Man Sam – “BCN”

Headbirds hail from sunny, beautiful Barcelona, and that must have to some extent informed the warm, generous production on “Dead Kingdom,” which suggests moonlit parties more than it does mortality. This is fun, rhythmic bass music for warm nights good times.

Headbirds – “Dead Kingdom”

It’s hard to know what say about Lone’s new album, beyond the fact that it’s really rather fantastic. This is such a diverse, bright, exciting, powerful, peaceful, full album that I’d need a a few thousand words to do it justice, so instead I’ll tell you that it’s the aural equivalent of its cover, and invite you to stream it below. Now that’s what we call a win win situation.