The Alchemist, Hudson Mohawke, The Field, Pat Mahoney (from LCD Soundsystem), Shabazz Palaces, Gang Gang Dance, Kode 9, Gui Boratto.

You could make an awesomely eclectic festival lineup using just some of the artists that Battles have pulled together to remix their last album, the twitchy, spiky, math-rock indebted Gloss Drop. Highlights include Gui Boratto’s warm disco rework, HudMo’s carnival on crack and The Alchemist’s horror film soundtrack (hear the latter two below), but the band have chosen their artists so well that each of the twelve remixes is well worth you time. The remixes have been being released in pairs for the last couple of months, but they are collected here, in an album entitled Dross Glop, that will be released April 17th on Warp. Stream it at The Fader.