After what happened early this past Sunday morning in Austin, my guess is most people wouldn’t agree to step into an empty warehouse with ASAP Rocky and the rest of his ASAP family. Throw beer at them once? Shame on you. Throw beer at them twice? Shame will be heaped upon you by way of a gang ass-whipping in the middle of a SXSW concert. Now I know that isn’t how the idiom goes, but this version gets the message across loud and clear.

On the other hand, Nardwuar isn’t your everyday Average Joe. He’s known for his off-the-cuff, hilarious artist interviews in which he typically drops past bits of knowledge that blow his subjects away. This time around is no exception when he gets to talking about the connection between one ASAP member’s father and Bad Boy, and an off the grid tattoo shop that the crew used to congregate at back in the day. This entire piece is pure entertainment from start to finish.

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