Our little baby has turned 21 already. Don’t they grow up quickly? Well, time to go out, get too drunk, throw up on your friends and end the night crying alone on a street corner, or whatever it is the youth of today do on their birthdays.

Anywaaaay, this has been another week, in the UK at least, during which the murky underground dance music scene has started to poke it’s head further out into the bright sunlight of mainstream conciousness. Scuba’s bombastic album Personality was released to high acclaim from mainstream sources as much as EDM specifc media, and even more excitingly, UK dance music innovators Mosca and Julio Bashmore have been given shows on the BBC’s hugely popular Radio 1 station. In recognition of this, if you head down to the bottom of the post, you’ll find a showcase mix from Mosca, and if you click HERE you’ll find a genre defying mix from Scuba full of exclusives and new tunes.

Without further ado,

Dance Music Post. 21

Round of applause for Disclosure please, as they feature for consecutive weeks, this time with a straight up party-centric remix of their excellent single “Tenderly”. Last week it was Melé on the remix, and this week Kidnap Kid steps up to the plate and delivers big time. Not much info on the guy, but I’ll be keeping my beady eyes on him after this one.

Disclosure – “Tenderly (Kidnap Kid Remix)”

Tanlines are an indie-pop duo who’s fun “All Of Me“, the second single from their forthcoming album, I highlighted for you yesterday. The first single, “Brothers”, has been remixed by “Joshua Ryan” the brother of one half of the band, into a trancey 9 minute journey replete with a couple of euphoric peaks and a spacey breakdown. Turn your system up, close your eyes, put your hands in the air and imagine you’re in the main room at peak time. Fun isn’t it.

Tanlines – “Brothers (Joshua Ryan Remix)”

Bondax are a young duo (they’re only 17 yo!) who are starting to grab people’s attention with tracks like this one. Based around a beautifully cut up vocal sample this one’s good for the club or the headphones, so grab that download and enjoy.

Bondax – “Just Us”

Does anyone know what Red Bull Music Academy is, really? It’s kind of the best thing ever, but I can’t help but be distrustful of it. Why is Red Bull funding stuff like this to happen? We’ve got a collaboration between Brenmar (a P&P favorite), Canblaster and Ghosts on Tape. It’s a really interesting collab in that you can really hear the individual styles meshing together into a cohesive track. It lacks Brenmar’s unique vocal sampling and percussion but makes up for it in almost every other aspect. Listen to it while drinking a case of Red Bull! I think that’s what the trade-off is, right? I get cool songs from them, then I advertise the drink here? Feel free to skip the Red Bull, as long as you check out this track.

Brenmar, Canblaster & Ghosts On Tape – “Phone Tone”

We just got Bingo Player’s next massive anthem, “L’Amour,” last week, but their last big one, “Rattle,” is still making the rounds. This take is a bass and hip-hop hybrid, slowing almost everything down and taking the massive rave energy of the original and turning it into an undeniable swagger. No idea who Spenda C is, but I like their style.

Bingo Players – “Rattle (Spenda C Remix)”

UK Funky badman T. Williams mixes clattering, window shaking drums with vocalist Alix’s world weary vocals. The result is the club song of a brokenhearted robot, and it’s great.

T. Williams – “Malfunction”

Rack City, bitch. We’ve got the official, rappity remix. Now we’ve got a bassy take on the track, pitching Tyga’s vocals down and adding even more pounding drums and skittering percussion on top of this. Still as infectious, just a little darker.

Tyga – “Rack City (Taz Buckfaster Remix)

This one starts slow, string intros are rare in DMPs. However, it’s a stunningly beautiful way to start a track that pays off tenfold once the echoing piano chimes give way for a wall of bass and drum patterns that are all over the place without ever feeling out of control. This is easily a new favorite, a track that begs to be put on repeat. This is the title track off of Anenon’s new EP, which definitely deserves a purchase.

Anenon – “Acquiescence”

This is a cool one. Jack Beats, quite a big name at this point, have decided to give away this absolute heater of a track. Apparently it started a a remix job for TC, a drum & bass OG, that morphed itself into an original song that is pure Jack Beats. The duo says it’s been played in every one of their live sets to date, and it’s easy to see why. Now it’s been identified and released for free.

Jack Beats – “Deeper”

It’s always a bold move to remix a big name, and Wolfgang Gartner is on his way to being one of the biggest. Tommy Noble, however, stepped up on this rework of his song “There And Back.” The remix goes impossibly hard, wrenching every last bit of energy from their synths in a wholly destructive drop.

Wolfgang Gartner – “There And Back (Tommy Noble’s Full Power Bootleg Remix)”

Mosca – BBC Showcase Mix