I don’t know what Paint By Numbers is, but I’ve heard people talk really enthusiastically about it before. To me, it sounds like a coloring book, but with extra guidance so you know exactly what colors to use where. Not to brag, but I’ve always been able to do regular coloring books pretty decently, without any extra guidance. Apparently this PBN stuff is more than that, though.

So for this giveaway, we’ve got one Miike Snow Paint By Numbers set so you guys can do whatever it is you do with those, and also a copy of the new Miike Snow album Happy To You. By the way, the Paint By Numbers set is one of thirty, so treat it with respect.

Pre-order Miike Snow’s Happy To You, check out the new “Paddling Out” video, and enter the contest below. We’ll make this REALLY easy, because if you need help coloring stuff in, you probably can’t do anything too complicated.


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