Dolphins are smart as fuck. They communicate via a secret language of squeaky chirping and cackling, they are even better at technology than most middle-aged humans, and studies show that they even think about the future, which brings up the obvious question: are dolphins smarter than humans? It’s hard to answer, because human scientists simply aren’t intelligent enough to figure it out.

The extreme intelligence of these aquatic beasts is alarming and reason for concern and distrust, but a funny thing happens when humans get around these nerdy mammals. Instead of being wary, people get silly. They hug these things, mount them, ride them, and pose for goofy pictures. Maybe it’s because of movies like Flipper, maybe it’s because dolphins fool us with their permanent smiley faces, or maybe their stupid ee-ee-ee-eee’s sound so unthreatening.

Even the biggest rock stars, rappers, and pop celebrities get geeked when they’re around dolphins. Here are 10 pictures to prove it.


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