Here at Pigeons & Planes we are indoctrinated from birth by our Great Leader to love Scandinavian bands, and in turn we try to pass this obsession on to you good people. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the five track This Must Be Blood EP from a Swedish four-piece called Francis. The band, childhood friends who have been playing together since 2006, decamped to an island in the middle of Sweden with their sound engineer and video director where they built a temporary studio in a disused boat house, and recorded this excellent EP.

This Must Be Blood is five tracks of the best sort of experimental indie-pop: crisp production and memorable choruses and riffs draw you in at first, and the emotional depth of the lyrics provides an incentive for repeated listening. This tinge of melancholy that runs through the songs is explained by lead singer Petra, who told me he band are influenced by

 simply life. Or the way to death, it’s either way you look at it. We love sounds and words and we listen constantly for pieces that gives us a rush or a nice feeling in our belly

Stream the full EP (released February 27th) below, keep up with the band on Facebook, and be sure to check back to their website soon for the video for lead single “Traktor” and to see where they’ll be playing on their European tour.