Everything about this is silky smooth. Jazz and spoken work poetry often go hand in hand. Like true partners in crime, the two just fit together. Nico Segal understands this, and for a young artist he has a surprisingly established comfort level with both. Best known as the trumpet player for Chicago outfit Kids These Days, Segal takes control of the mic on this one to share some slick verses over a J Dilla produced template. “Dreamy” is just that, a lovely track that floats along on a mesmeric mixture of brass and background vocals supplied by Macie Stewart, also of Kids.

“Dreamy” is the lead single of the forthcoming Illasoul: Shades of Blue project. The collection of songs will feature guest spots from Vic Mensa, Coldhard of Crucial Conflict and others.

Nico Segal ft. Macie Stewart – “Dreamy”


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