White Rabbits‘ newest video, which is for the song “Heavy Metal,” will surely give you the creeps. The visuals show a family of three (or what I assume to be a family; they wake up in the same bed, and while both women could technically be the gentleman’s wives, one looks substantially younger… so either they’re polygamists or one’s the daughter) completing mundane and menial everyday tasks, but it’s all somehow laced with a sinister edge. Director Andrew Droz Palermo essentially takes the familiar and makes it menacing. Says Palermo of the video:

I wanted to highlight the reverse and looping piano work in the track, so the idea of animated .GIFs came to mind, which the band loved. Listening to the track over and over, I began imagining these repetitive domestic tasks that I could freeze, extend, and repeat. By the end of the shoot the three actors were amazing at only moving small portions of their bodies.

Now, excuse me while I shower. White Rabbits will be dropping Milk Famous on March 6th.