This is just a demo, and it’s a very rough around the edges, but after sitting in my inbox for two weeks, I can’t shake it. It’s one of those songs that sounds strangely familiar the first time you hear it. It might be the melody that’s similar to that old Blues Traveler song “Hook,” or the Sublime-esque, sunny, apathetic vibe you get when he says “West Palm, Delray, Boca!” Whatever it is, it’s two minutes well spent.

Recording is a really time-consuming and costly process for guys like us. So as rito sorts through and fleshes out our lil mountain of songs and material, there are a few odds and ends that we’d like to share. Here are ten personal off-the-cuff 2011 songs about success and love from me. theres some surf rock, a rap verse, and a minute or so of a lot of other stuff. hope you enjoy the demos, warts and all. Having spent the year sinking all the time and money that we have into the recording and production of our album, from music to art to our website on down, the intention of 10 Stone Cold Gems was to release something that stripped down all bells and whistles and characterized it with reductive kitschiness and (at least the aim of) pure songwriting muscle.

If you like what you hear, you can get a whole tape of the band’s 10 Stone Cold Gems here.

Marguerito – “I Look To You”

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