K’NAAN back. It’s been a while, but after skyrocketing into the arena of international success with his “Waving Flag” anthem that acted as the official soundtrack to the 2010 World Cup, K’NAAN deserved to sit back and celebrate for a while. Now the Somali rapper is making his return, and he’s brought Nas along with him.

It seems like a sparse, straight hip-hop cut, but the uplifting chorus picks the song up a notch, and although ‘naan (can we call him ‘naan?) seems like a peaceful dude despite the violence he’s seen, he sounds a bit fed up in this one. Check it out below, and look out for his More Beautiful Than Silence EP, dropping on January 24th. His album will follow shortly after.

Check the tracklist below, and listen to the song through the lyric vid at the bottom.

K’NAAN More Beautiful Than Silence tracklist:

1. “Is Anybody Out There” (ft. Nelly Furtado)
2. “Nothing to Lose” (ft. Nas)
3. “More Beautiful Than Silence”
4. “Better”
5. “Coming to America”