This week saw a whole lot of great music here at P&P, some escalating beef, and the birth of a baby who probably has more power in the first days of her infant life than you will in your entire existence. Here is P&P’s Beat of the Week.

The Birth of The Notorious B.I.C. and Her Feature on Jay-Z’s “Glory”

Unless you live under a rock (and if you do, cheers for still reading P&P from under there), you’ll know that the ultimate power couple of the music world, Jay-Z and Beyonce, welcomed little Blue Ivy Carter into the world. It inspired Jay-Z to pull together “Glory,” a pretty magnificent and touching piece that “features” the little one.

Common’s Drake Diss Remix Track, “Stay Schemin'”

The beef was a little high school before this, so as the responsible adult, Common comes out with “Stay Schemin'” to up the ante.

Meg Myers’ Video for “Monster”

Whether you’re male or female, you probably have a bit of a crush on Meg Myers. Oh, you don’t yet? Just watch this video.

Nicolas Jaar and Scout Larue’s “And I Say”

Nicolas Jaar teams up with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s love Child, Scout Larue, for “And I Say,” a smooth, sexy, blistering track.

Lana Del Rey Makes Her U.S. TV Debut on Saturday Night Live

The polarizing new singer makes her U.S. debut. Some are calling it beautiful, others are saying it was awkward. As usual, Lana gets her fair share of love and hate.

e-dubble’s “Last Man Standing”

We love our e-dubble here at P&P, and we were honored to have been able to premiere his latest cut, “Last Man Standing.” Keep this up, and (if the Mayans were right,) e-dubble might just be.

Coachella 2012 Lineup

The one event that most of you kids have been looking forward to all. Year. Long. Coachella revealing their line-up is like that exciting moment you get to tear open your Christmas presents, if not better. Oh, and an update to those who decided to take it easy and not buy them the day tickets were released: both weekends were sold out. In three hours.

Confusion’s Phone Conversation With Willis Earl Beal

What happens when P&P founder Confusion calls up XL Recordings artist and intriguing character Willis Earl Beal and asks him to sing a song? This post happens.

Dance Music Post. 14

We like to dance. We encourage you to. Dance post, bitches.

Party Supplies’ “Guy Friends”

If you’ve got the day off tomorrow, get this track now and put it on repeat. It’s impossible not to enjoy yourself listening to this one.

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