It’s been over three years since Chairlift‘s breakout debut album, long enough for people to pretty much forget about a band, but also long enough for said band to hone and perfect a new, bigger, bolder sound. There are still the quirky lyrical flourishes of 2008’s Does You Inspire You but on the whole this a lush, rich textured album full of uplifting choruses and a general feeling of happiness and fun. And who can argue with happiness and fun?

Give Something a test-drive below, before its release on the 23rd below (via KCRW).


01 Sidewalk Safari
02 Wrong Opinion
03 I Belong in Your Arms
04 Take It Out on Me
05 Ghost Tonight
06 Cool as a Fire
07 Amanaemonesia
08 Met Before
09 Frigid Spring
10 Turning
11 Guilty as Charge