Up and coming hip-hop producers have the wildest taste. Sorry to all the crate-diggers, but that era is kinda over, unless your name is Madlib, Flying Lotus, or you’re over 40 years old. Sure, there are still dudes pushing that style, but the rise of a new breed of producer is imminent, and these guys are eclectic.

Instead of just peddling obscure jazz, reggae, and funk loops, the new guys are coming with an arsenal of wide-spanning, fresh taste. Take Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang for example. He’s the epitome of this new brand of producer, pulling from indie rock, pop, electronic, hip-hop new and old, and random gems he stumbles upon to make beats that are as instantly accessible as they are original. Watch out, you fuckers. Things are changing, right? Right.

Here’s his latest concoction.

If you’re wondering where the noise came from, Xaphoon explains: “The rapping is from Elbee Thrie’s ‘Creative Zone‘ and the voices are me singing into the mic on my MacBook and then re sampling it 2x faster”

Possessed By The Devil (Xaphoon Jones’ Version)