As we have mentioned many times before, and as you can probably see with your own twitching, bloodshot eyes, there is a torrential outpouring of new music unleashed on to the internet every day, as anyone with a mic, video camera and internet connection hopes to become the next A$AP Rocky. As music lovers, we want to give as much of this music as possible a chance, and unfortunately it can be very easy to slip into a “If I don’t love it within 30 seconds it’s getting deleted” sort of mindset. This is a shame, as it is often those albums that creep up on you, that you keep replaying even though you can’t exactly work out why, that eventually become your favorites.

Into this landscape of instant aural gratification comes Gabriel Bruce and the brooding “Sleep Paralysis”. I specifically remember disliking Gabriel’s voice on the first listen, and being totally nonplussed by the track, and now, thirty minutes later, I cannot for the life of me work out why. I have been totally sucked in by the atmospheric bleakness of this excellent track, and I can’t see myself leaving the repeat button alone for a good while yet.

“Sleep Paralysis” is the debut solo single of Gabriel Bruce and is released on the 5th December backed by “No Love Lost”. Listen to both below, and hit the jump to watch the appropriately creepy video that was sent our way by the lovely folks at Disco Naïveté.

Gabriel Bruce – Sleep Paralysis by Off Modern

Gabriel Bruce – Sleep Paralysis from Off Modern on Vimeo.