I was getting ready to post this one yesterday and right after I listened, I started getting horrible pain in my abdomen. I ended up in the emergency room for the night, drifting in and out of awareness thanks to the morphine drip plugged into my arm. Now, I hate to blame Ramz, but I just figured it was worth putting a warning out there. Fuck around with Kamo Rambo and end up in the hospital… or something like that.

KAMO is an acronym for “Knowlede And More O’s”, and the KAMO Camp was started by Shortman Score along with other close friends. Ramzy joined a few days ago and decided to make this track as as his introduction to the Kamo life. Quite Frankly is on the way, and Shortman Score’s B4 It All Happens drops November 11th (11/11/11).

Frank Ramz – “Kamo Rambo”