Name: Airto
Cover: Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble”
Views: 58,968
Summary: A jazzy rendition of one of the deepest songs out.
Highest Rated Comment: ”Dude…..I’ve been anxiously waiting for the past 3 years for you to drop something I can happily buy from itunes! But until then, it’s always nice to be able to come here and hear some AMAZING music! Awesome vocals you have there son….dont keep me waiting too long.” – CurvyCharms

Airto has been playing the YouTube cover circuits for quite a while and has racked up some serious hits on his other videos. Which is why I was surprised when I listened to “Trouble” (which happens to be one of my favourite songs ever), as it is one of his strongest performances. The jazzy rhythm of the keys gives Airto the ability to showcase his emotional flair… he hits it out of the park.

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