These days, it’s not easy to find an artist that you can’t immediately put your finger on, like, “oh, he sounds like (enter other name here).”  I don’t know where to place L Dash. The Atlanta MC has some elements of the nerd rap, as evidenced by the video game theme present throughout, but his flow is far from the nasally, geeky type and his content isn’t overbearingly cerebral. He’s not on his street rap shit, but he also doesn’t sound like some of the far left fielders that immediately stand out for their weirdness.

L Dash has a monotone, confident flow, and while his music sounds well put together, it’s still got a homegrown feel to it. Check out a couple of tracks below.

L Dash – “Paper Boy”

If you like what you hear, hit the jump to check out/donwload the whole Blow My Cartridge tape…

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