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Mash-ups need to be consumed in carefully measured doses. If you take in too many mash-ups, life gets fucked up. You start to think everything is as easy as putting two likable things together and making an enjoyable third thing. You end up with hot sauce on your Cheerios, masturbating to shitty reality television shows. A disgusting life. But in small doses, mash-ups can be great. This is the second one of the day. Be careful.

The mastermind behind this, Emynd, says, “First leak from my forthcoming album with Lil Wayne vocals and original production by Emynd using M83 source material. The epic “My Tears are Becoming a Sea” turned into a more epic trap anthem for Lil Wayne and Ross to murder. Hope y’all enjoy. Check back soon for more info on THE CARTER 83.”

Emynd killed this. The Carter 83 has the potential to be on the level of Wugazi as a perfectly executed concept. This is only the first leak, but @newbornrodeo has already dubbed it “album of the year.” Swoop.

M83 x Lil Wayne – “My Tears Are Becoming John”

(Crossfaded Bacon)

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