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Fool’s Gold spitter Danny Brown made a splash with his XXX project, but it was a little much for some people. Danny’s delivery sometimes comes across like a man standing in front of you, yelling in your face. It’s not a scary, intimidating yell–more like an excited, borderline crazy shouting. The production on that tape didn’t exactly help ease the world into Danny, with it’s atonal but still experimental backdrops that often just added to the madness.

The Adderall-obsessed rapper is a charismatic, high-energy dude. He’s out there. The beautiful thing about this Black and Brown EP is that fellow Detroit native Black Milk has provided him with the perfect setting in which to be crazy but still digestible. Instead of trying to match Brown’s way-out-there vibe, Black Milk brings him down to Earth by adding a little melody and never crowding the space. Don’t get it fucked up, these aren’t early Kanye West soul beats, but Black Milk delivers his signature hard-hitting drums with just the right amount of quirkiness to make things interesting but not overwhelming.

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Black Milk and Danny Brown – Black and Brown EP

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