In September of 2008 Chairlift‘s song “Bruises” became synonymous with Apple’s then new iPod Nano Chromatic series. In the commercial, the tune pranced along as a bevy of colorful, flashy iPods somersaulted into focus to form a rainbow army of portable music players. The new Nano was a hit, and suddenly so was Chairlift.

Three years have passed since the band’s grand introduction to indie music lovers and tech-heads alike. With 2008 and their debut successes behind them, Chairlift is now gearing up for the release of their sophomore album Something. “Sidewalk Safari” is the second track we’ve heard from this new effort following the release of “Amanaemonesia” in August.

Something will drop 01/23 on Young Turks in the UK and one day later on Columbia in the States.

Chairlift – “Sidewalk Safari”