This video dropped a few days ago, and I really wasn’t sure it was worth posting. It’s the lead single off of Kele Okereke‘s solo EP The Hunter, and it’s really not too great. Kele’s put his Bloc Party ventures on hold for the past few years now in favor of his electronically-based solo stuff. You guys know I really like dance music, but his stuff has been, with a few exceptions, very lackluster. I’m all for artists having fun and following their own influences, but recently rumors have been surfacing that he’s going to get kicked out of Bloc Party.

That just seems like a waste. It’s trading some of the most earnest, tragic and paranoid rock I’ve ever heard for just boring singing over some boring dubstep. P4K says the rumors might not be true, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Check out the video for yourself after the jump, as well as my favorite Bloc Party song below for comparison purposes.

Bloc Party – “The Prayer”

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