We don’t post much atmospheric techno here at P&P, but it’s fitting that when we do, it’s Swedish.

The Field is a huge figure in electronic music. “Techno” is used fairly often as a catchall phrase for anything electronic or dancey. In reality, no one listens to techno. It’s really boring, for the most part. The only artist I’ve ever been even remotely passionate about who is put into that genre is this guy right here. He doesn’t make bangers or dancefloor jams, his songs don’t have heavy drops – it’s just great music that happens to have no instruments. It sometimes gets pretty weird (he literally made an EP about light once), but it’s really worth delving into. His first solo full-length in a few years is out digitally today, with this track being offered for free. I’m also including my favorite song from The Field, “Silent,” below to help with the introduction.

The Field – “Then It’s White”

The Field – “Silent”

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