This feels like a blind date. I got setup with Scott Kid (in a totally platonic, music loving sort of way) by a friend who felt I’d find value in his material. I’ll give almost anything a fair shot, but this particular test run came with no details or instruction manual. So at this point I know just as much about Scott Kid as you do. Only difference is, I’ve heard his music and you’re about to.

Black Box is an eight track EP that leaves you feeling dirty, emotionally drained and covered in sex. Each track is like the chapter to a book that tells the story of courting, love, separation and the gritty rekindling of something forbidden. Musically it ranges from r&b to alternative, hip-hop to progressive. Hit his website for a full free download of Black Box. Sample a few choice tracks of my liking below.

Scott Kid – “Girl Needs”

Scott Kid – “The Hurt” (feat. ChromeDome)

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