Photo: Hugh Twyman

I don’t normally buy box sets. They are too bulky, and space in NYC is very limited so I like to limit my purchases to things that are either pocket-sized or can be consumed within a few days. It’s a miserable existence, but cuts down on the clutter. I decided that I need this Neutral Milk Hotel box set, though. They’ve won me over with all these unreleased gems.

It’s vinyl only (I don’t even own a record player), but starting November 22nd you can pay what you want for downloads of all the unreleased material. Thanks, Neutral Milk Hotel. I’m going to buy this box set. Now I just need to find the world’s smallest record player.

Listen to Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Little Birds” here

Is it very immature that I giggled a little when Jeff sings, “Little birds, little birds, come into my body”? Because when he says that, then I look at this picture above, I imagine… nevermind.