Bands don’t often put too much thought into box sets. Usually they’ll throw in some live versions of tracks, some scrapped songs, a free poster, and some pretty packaging. Neutral Milk Hotel doesn’t fuck around like that. The announcement of a new NMH box set feels like an event.

Part of the allure of Neutral Milk Hotel is the cult following associated with them. They put out two albums in the 90’s, became indie legends, then disappeared. Mastermind Jeff Mangum pops up every now and then to put on incredible live performances, but every Neutral Milk Hotel fan has been left with a grumbling stomach.

To celebrate the release of this box set, NMH has a new site and has been giving out samples of the unreleased material that will be on the vinyl-only box set.  But wait, there’s more. You might be sitting there thinking, “but Confusion, I don’t really want to buy a vinyl box set.” You’re in luck.  Starting November 22nd, you’ll be able to download the fifteen previously unreleased tracks for whatever price you want. Thanks, Neutral Milk Hotel.

For now, head over to the site and listen to “Engine,” as recorded during the In An Aeroplane Over The Sea sessions.