We got Xaphoon Jones’ picks. We got Brenton Duvall’s picks. Let’s keep it going, yeah? You might not know them yet, but Shadows On Stars are one of the best new indie acts out there. If you don’t believe that, then let’s just say they are one of my favorite new indie acts out there. That’s a fact. Blending genres is no big deal these days, but they do it with such style that post-punk, new wave, hip-hop, and vintage pop seem like best friends that grew up together. I mean, just listen to this.

Since they are one of those acts that grabs from all kinds of influence, I thought it would be interesting to find out what they’re listening to. Here are their five picks.

1. Maximum Balloon ft. Little Dragon – “If You Return”

For weeks I was listening to the same Pandora channel and this song would play. For some reason I neglected to check the artist, but kept thinking to myself, “that sounds a hell of a lot like Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon”. One day I caught it and checked the artist — it was listed as Maximum Balloon. So now I’m worried like, “how is it this group sounds so much like Little Dragon??”. I did a hardcore google search on this song to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and sure enough, a random blogger proved me right! This has quickly become my most listened to track. Like, if it were on a record player and not on my Iphone, the song would’ve stopped working weeks ago. I can’t get enough of anything associated with Little Dragon, I’m such a huge fan. Yukimi Nagano’s voice is addicting!


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2. Hunx and His Punx – “Lovers Lane”

I can’t listen to this song without actually laughing out loud or singing at the top of my lungs. Hunx and His Punx are life-changing…really. I love the fact that not only does this song sound like a 50s throwback, it sounds like Hunx just didn’t give a fuck what he sounded like when he sang it. Making it a classic. I play this song at every house party, on every road trip….it’s my go-to have-a-good-time track. The entire album is just as amazing and I’ve vowed to see this band live while they’re still wild and crazy.


3. Bleached – “Think of You”

A good friend of mine slash ipad magazine wizard (Letter to Jane) put me onto Bleached. Their sound is undeniably raw and energetic, which ultimately translates to “believable” for me. For all I know this song is as fake as Angelina Jolie’s lips, but I don’t give a shit because of the way it’s delivered. I’m a sucker for catchy garage rock, especially when badass women are at the helm. This song will NOT leave my head… I even sing it during sex (alone and with another person).


Blondie – “Slow Motion”

I guess you can say that I’m loving powerful, bad-ass women right now! Blondie is such an iconic pop outfit and Debbie Harry is one of the most swagged-out pop stars of all time, male or female. “Slow Motion” is a record off of Eat to the Beat, which is probably my favorite album that the group has released. This is a band that attained mainstream acceptance while somehow managing to keep their edge. A lot of pop bands get cheesy and sappy to sell records aimed at a teenage fan base, but Blondie has always kept it real. There’s something special about a band that can pull that off. 99% of modern pop stars should take note and stop being so fucking corny.

– Brian

Yung Humma – “Fried or Fertilized”

This is our drunk anthem… Well, this and “Lovers Lane.” Thing is, they never rock music THIS GOOD in bars, so we resort to doing the Fried or Fertilized dance to every song that plays. Yes, we’ve Fried and Fertilized the fuck out of Ke$ha and LMFAO. Hell, we’ve even Fried and Fertilized to a horrible karaoke rendition of Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack.”

Here’s a little recipe for the P&P readers:
Consume healthy amount of Bourbon (preferably Bulleit or Woodfords Reserve). Note: *Do NOT use a mixer*
Do the Fried or Fertilized to your most or least favorite song.
Repeat steps 1-2 until ya eggs are finished. Swag.