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Shadows On Stars is an indie pop/rock duo from Portland that is slowly releasing material from what  may be one of the best projects of the year. I call it indie pop because as a blogger that posts everything from hardcore punk to avant-garde hip-hop, it’s important to quickly let you know what to expect.

Truthfully though, it’s a little more complicated than that. SOS has melodies that stick to the music section of your brain like chewed up pink bubblegum, but they also work with drums and bass lines that could be thrown into a hip-hop song and effortless, brazen delivery that every good punk rocker strives to nail down. Don’t sleep.

For more on the group, hit up their site.

Shadows On Stars – “Out of My Head”

And if you missed the first track from their project, check out “Now You’re Mine,” and hit the jump to watch the video…