You know that feeling when you hear an album for the first time and get really excited because you feel like you’ve discovered the next big thing? In my mind if something is new to me, then it’s new for everybody on the planet too. Friends get put on blast, I light Twitter up, etc. So when I finally found out how long Destroyer had actually been around, I quietly weeped from shame and embarrassment reflecting on how much of an ass I’d been trying to peddle this 16+ year old “next big thing” around to all my people.

Formed in 1995, Daniel Bejar and friends have produced several albums, EPs and even cassettes (13 in total) but just recently began receiving adequate commercial attention thanks to the release of this year’s Kaputt. Despite what you might think “Savage Night at the Opera” is a dreamy, airy tune with cryptic lyrics that don’t do much by way of supporting its title. In fact, that seems to be Destroyer’s theme. The name makes you think aggressive metal rock, but in an ironic twist the music is rather mild and soothing. Bejar describes it as “European Blues”, which feels fairly accurate.

Whether you know the band or not, this video will likely not mean much to you. As far as visuals go it’s unimpressive and lazy, but at the end of the day it’s really all about the music so take this opportunity to test Destroyer. Get familiar and jump on this old rolling bandwagon that I joined six months ago. If you don’t know where to find it, iTunes is a fine place to start.

Video after the jump.

Destroyer – Savage Night at the Opera from Merge Records on Vimeo.