A month ago, we found ourselves wondering what Brenton Duvall was listening to, and he told us. Which was nice of him, but it opened a lot of doors for us to wonder what other artists are listening to.

Xaphoon Jones, producer/DJ extraordinaire has long been the subject of that wonder. With a sampling technique that draws from as diverse source material as possible (Flux Pavilion and Desmond Dekker? By the same producer??), I knew I really wanted to spend some time with this guy’s iPod. We got the next best thing – 5 songs picked by the man himself.

1. Hot Sugar – “Color Wars” (ft. Aaron Livingston)

Hot Sugar is one of my favorite producers and he’s been working with me on the Chiddy album and other things. Also, you might recognize his bandmate Aaron Livingston from The Roots’ song “Guns Are Drawn“.

If you want to understand this dude and his incredible creative process, you can check out this video.

2. Black Milk – “Losing Out” (ft. Royce Da 5’9″)

Hands down the best, rawest, and most pure hip hop song of the decade. A wicked flip of Alan Parson’s Project “Let’s Talk About Me“, there are few people in the game that can produce a song this hard hitting, and then go verse for verse with someone like Royce Da 5’9″. Royce still emerges the victor, but the outcome of the lyrical sparring is irrelevant. This song bumps.

Hit the jump to get more of Xaphoon’s picks

3. A-Trak & CyHi Da Prynce – “Ray Ban Vision (Luckybeard Remix)”

This song always goes off. You probably know Luckybeard as one half of Crookers. This shit goes hard though, wait for the build and drop into the super slow swagged out middle section full of police sirens and finger snaps.

4. Soulja Boy & Lil B – 30 Thousand 100 Million

Thank you Based God. Soulja Boy would like you all to know that the ‘Word around town is my d*ck tastes like ribs”. Put this song on while heavily intoxicated and tell me you don’t start dancing. If you judge this song/artist/genre strictly on lyrical ability, you will never fully understand the BASED / SWAG genre of music. I’m not being ironic, I’m not being stupid. The next song on my list is a Jazz song. Both good reminders to be open-minded.

5. Ahmad Jamal – “I Love Music”

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. If you can listen closely, you might hear the sample to Nas‘ “The World Is Yours“. For those who are struggling, it’s around the 4:58 mark. Simply put, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. Sometimes, when I DJ, I like to confuse people by playing the first 5 minutes and then going right into “The World Is Yours”.

Shoutout to P&P, Thanks yall