The word “punk” gets thrown around a lot, as in “that’s so punk rock,” or “Odd Future is a bunch of skater punks.” A lot of kids that are coming of age post-Y2k probably don’t even know what real punk music is anymore. Probably because the internet, in general, isn’t very punk.

Cerebral Ballzy is punk rock. A hardcore act from NYC in the same vein as Suicidal Tendencies or Black Flag, the guys are dropping their album next week. It will be available via Adult Swim and it’s full of gems such as “Drug Myself Dumb,” “Puke Song,” and “Sk8 All Day.” Only one of the songs on the album lasts for over two minutes. Awesome.

Obsessed with skating, pizza, beer and Beavis & Butthead re-runs, these aren’t college kids who think “the slums got so much soul.” Cerebral Ballzy were born and raised in New York’s asshole and instead of crying about it, they scream their way through a sprawling mess of 80s-hardcore and punk rock, sounding like the Beastie Boys doing drunk-covers of Bad Brains (which is pretty much exactly how the Beastie Boys started).

Hit the jump to watch the video and to stream the album…

Cerebral Ballzy by Cerebral Ballzy

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